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Tylene Buck is a professional model based out of California who made her pro-wrestling debut on May 15, 2000. Tylene has appeared on numerous magazine covers and has been involved in several videos including 3 Ironman Swimsuit Spectaculars in a row. She started modeling a few years ago after being a (circuit girl) doing bikini contests. Now her experience includes bikini modeling, fitness modeling, videos, tradeshow spokesmodel, ring card girl, promotional work etc.


Although she is pursuing an acting career she is currently appearing in the WCW. Starting off as one of the WCW/nWo girls parading around with Jeff Jarrett, she disappeared for a few weeks and returned as Major Gunns with the WCW’s Misfits In Action.


The MIA began battling with Team Canada headed up by Lance Storm, and in August 2000 they lost a Prisoner Of War match to the Canadians and Tylene was taken as the prisoner. She eventually became an unwilling part of Team Canada, with several battles being fought over her. She continued as a member of Team Canada with ‘glowing’ reports from the WCW officials on her job performance, until her rather abrupt dismissal from the WCW in February 2001.