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Name: Chad Taylor                                                                 
Born: 24 November 1970                                                             
Chad Taylor (born November 24, 1970 in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.) is the lead     
guitarist of the band Live. He is a founding member of the band, and co-writes     
and co-produces their output. Live has sold over 25 million records.               
He has been involved in the entertainment industry for most of his life. At the   
age of 13, he met his future band mates in middle school in York, Pennsylvania.   
Outside Live, he has produced records for other artists, such as Solution A.D.     
The album reached the top ten of Billboard's Modern Rock Chart.                   
He joined forces with longtime friend John Slovak in Aurora Films, a film         
company. Together, they have developed shows for networks ranging from The         
History Channel, Discovery Channel, Telemundo, Food Network, HBO and Speed         
A co-producer of Home, a feature-length film, written and directed by Mary         
Haverstick and starring Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden.                   
Taylor, in conjunction with his wife Lisa, is also executive producer of a yoga   
video in conjunction with yogi Jimmy Barken, known "The Barken Method."           
Taylor currently lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.