Welcome to our biography bank, we'll try to provide you with some minutes of entertainment, maybe an inspirational pick-me-up - when you realize that people whose lives called for a biography also had, at one time or another, moments were everything seemed quite messed up for them.

Also, if you are looking for an educational experience... yes, we can help you finish your homework quicker, since we most likely have some information on that name you have on your worksheet, but know little about, that your teacher said was once an outstanding person.

Indeed each biography is somewhat special since, no matter how good or bad, that person had an effect on his/her world. Effects that had consequences that we can see in the world nowadays.

Why Biographies?

Locally or globally, everyone makes a difference whether its American born sporting hero's such as Tiger Woods, Muhammed Ali or Nile Kinnick or even lesser known figures such as Charles Fey, a gambler in San Francisco, California. Fey is known as the developer of the first automatic and traditional slot machine in 1891 . Everyone matters. Each Biography in the list we have is a proof of that, so just dig in and browse around the biography listing we have, we tried to provide a wide variety of people from different fields, time periods and social context. We have over 900 biographies in the listings already, but if there's a biography that you'd like to see included just contact us and we'll see what we can do about it. Also, if you'd like to add something interesting that's not mentioned, feel free to contact us too. The idea is to grow constantly getting a listing as complete as it is humanly possible, so that we can provide a lot of variety and at the same time, a lot of depth to each biography.

In addition we our biography bank we recently added a jokes bank and a poems bank... so you can have a lot more of fun in our network

Hope you enjoy these lives!

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