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Name: Chad Gracey                                                                 
Born: 23 July 1971                                                                 
Chad Gracey (born July 23, 1971, in York, Pennsylvania, U.S.) is the drummer for   
the band Live. Aside from his duties in the band, he also owns a company called   
Cage Off-Road which specializes in car suspensions and upgrades.                   
Drums- Pearl drums masters series mrx (silver) 12"x10" Rack Tom 16"x16" Floating   
Floor Tom 18"x18" Floating Floor Tom 14"x6" snare Hardware-Pearl Eliminator       
single pedal (red cam) (7) 1000 series boom stands throne eliminator hi hat 3     
Cymbals: Zildjian 14" A Custom hats 10" A custom splash 16",17",18",19" A Custom   
crash 20" A custom Medium ride 14" Oriental China "trash" 14" K custom mini       
Sticks- Pro Mark 1A hickory wood tip