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Name: Michael Dorn                                                                       
Born: 9 December 1952 Luling, Texas, United States                                       
Michael Dorn (born December 9, 1952) is an American actor known for his role as           
the Klingon Worf in multiple Star Trek shows and movies.                                 
Dorn was born in Luling, Texas, the son of Allie Lee (née Nauls) and Fentress           
Dorn, Jr. He grew up in Pasadena, California. He studied radio and television             
production at the Pasadena City College. From there he pursued a career in music         
as a performer with several different rock music bands, travelling to San                 
Francisco and then back to Los Angeles.                                                   
He first appeared as a guest on the television show "W.E.B." in 1978. The                 
producer was impressed with his work, so he introduced Michael to an agent who           
then hooked him up with acting teacher Charles Conrad to study acting for six             
months. He then landed a regular role on the television series CHiPs. The first           
movie he had a role in was Rocky (1976) as Apollo Creed's bodyguard.                     
Dorn's most famous role to date is that of the Klingon Starfleet officer Worf in         
Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.                           
He said he got the role by showing up at the interview with several people. He           
did not smile or speak or sit, but stood in a corner in rigid attention posture,         
like the stereotypical Klingon warrior. When called, he marched into the room,           
scowled, and shook the interviewer's hand sharply. After reading, he gruffly             
thanked the director, and walked out. He attributes this reading in character as         
a Klingon warrior to getting the part.                                                   
Dorn has appeared on-screen in more Star Trek episodes and movies as the same             
character than anyone else. He appeared in 175 episodes of Star Trek: The Next           
Generation, missing three: "Code of Honor", "Haven" and "Shades of Gray". He             
appeared in 101 episodes of Deep Space Nine, missing four during his time on the         
show: "Rocks and Shoals", "The Magnificent Ferengi", "Chrysalis" and "Prodigal           
Daughter". He has also appeared in five Star Trek movies bringing his total to           
281 appearances. Colm Meaney is the only other person who has made over 200               
appearances on Star Trek with 216 episodes; although Majel Barrett has 233 "appearances" 
but many of these were voice only.                                                       
He also appeared in the film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country as Colonel           
Worf. As Colonel Worf, he represented Captain James T. Kirk and Dr. Leonard               
McCoy at their trial on Qo'nos and also unmasked the real assassin Colonel West.         
Although never confirmed on screen, the character of Colonel Worf was intended           
to be the grandfather of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Worf. His voice has             
also deepened from his years of playing Worf.