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A famous saint of India, Mirabai can be considered as one of the foremost mystics of the world. She was a princess of the Rathod clan and belonged to the Medath of Rajasthan. Rama Ratan was her father. She exhibited spiritual traits from childhood. She was passionately attached to the idol of Giridhar Gopal, a form of Lord Krishna. She was married to the crown prince of Chittore. But her husband Bhojraj, and father-in-law, Rana Sangh, died soon after. She was by conviction wedded to Giridhar Gopal, and the death of her earthy husband had no meaning for her.


She spent all her time in praying, meditation, singing and dancing before her beloved idol, installed in the palace’s premises. The palace started attracting many devotees and spiritual seekers. But Mirabai’s strange behaviour was not acceptable to the royal household. The ruling Rana tried to kill her, but Lord Krishna saved her. More than 400 songs ascribed to Mira known as ‘Padas’ (lyrics) have been collected. She died in 1614.