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Name: Dorothy Kingsley                                                                   
Born: 10/14/1909                                                                         
Birthplace: New York City                                                               
Died: 9/26/1997                                                                         
Dorothy Kingsley (born October 14, 1909 - died September 26, 1997) was an               
American screenwriter. Kingsley, the daughter of journalist Walter Kingsley and         
stage actress Alma Hanlon, was born in New York City, NY. First in New York and         
later in Hollywood, she was one of the few successful female gag writers for             
radio in the 1930s.                                                                     
Kingsley was one of the three co-writers of the movie script for Seven Brides           
for Seven Brothers. Kingsley, Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich based their           
script on the short story "The Sobbin' Women" by Stephen Vincent Benet. She also         
wrote the screenplay for Kiss Me, Kate.