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Ann Coulter (born 8 December, 1961 in New Canaan, Connecticut) is a conservative American author and political commentator. Her books include High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Slander, Treason, and How to Talk to a Liberal. All of Coulter’s books have been on the New York Times bestseller list. In addition, Ann Coulter is a legal correspondent for the magazine Human Events and writes a syndicated column for Universal Press Syndicate , which is carried by several influential conservative websites including the Jewish World Review.


Coulter has made frequent guest appearances on national television and syndicated radio programs. She has appeared on shows such as Hannity and Colmes, The O’Reilly Factor, American Morning With Paula Zahn, Crossfire, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Good Morning America, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Scarborough Country , The Today Show, Real Time with Bill Maher and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. She also spoke in the movie FahrenHYPE 9/11.