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Tim Daly is the son of late actor James Daly, and brother of television and film actress Tyne Daly. In 1982 Tim Daly got his first film role as Billy in Barry Levinson’s Diner. Tim also got married that year - to actress, Amy Van Nostrand. By 1983 he began the aspect of his career that would make him famous: television. His first television role was in the short-lived television series Ryan’s Four. He followed that up with a couple of feature films and more TV movies, as well as a TV miniseries. In 1988 he returned to television with a role on another short-lived series, Almost Grown. But this wasn’t the end of his TV career, the best was yet to come. In April 1990 a series, Wings, starring Daly, premiered on NBC. This role would last eight seasons. The show aired its final episode in May 1997. Daly continued to do films and telefilms while Wings was on the air. After Wings, Tim’s career continued. He had a role in the miniseries From the Earth to the Moon. In 1999 he played the lead role in the Stephen King miniseries, Storm of the Century, that aired on ABC. In 2000, Daly returned to television as the lead in the remake of the series The Fugitive. The show lasted one season on CBS, but he did win a Golden Satellite Award for the role of Dr. Richard Kimble. He continues to appear in feature films as well as television movies, no doubt he will continue to do so for many years to come.