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Name: Tom Brokaw                                                                   
Birth name: Thomas John Brokaw                                                     
Born: 6 February 1940 Webster, South Dakota, U.S.                                   
Thomas John Brokaw (born February 6, 1940 in Webster, South Dakota) is an           
American television journalist and author, previously working on regularly         
scheduled news documentaries for the NBC television network, and is the former     
NBC News anchorman and managing editor of the program NBC Nightly News with Tom     
Brokaw. His last broadcast as anchorman was on December 1, 2004, succeeded by       
Brian Williams in a carefully planned transition. In the later part of Tom         
Brokaw's tenure, NBC Nightly News became the most watched cable or broadcast       
news program in the United States. Brokaw also hosted, wrote, and moderated         
special programs on a wide range of topics. Throughout his career, he has been     
the recipient of numerous awards and honors.                                       
Brokaw serves on the Howard University School of Communications Board of           
Visitors and on the boards of trustees of the University of South Dakota, the       
Norton Simon Museum, the American Museum of Natural History and the                 
International Rescue Committee. As well as his television journalism, he has       
written for periodicals and has authored books. He still works at NBC as a         
Special Correspondent.