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Name: Hamid Karzai                                                                       
Born: 24 December 1957 Kandahar, Afghanistan                                             
Hamid Karzai (b. 24 December 1957) is the current President                             
of Afghanistan, since 07 December 2004. He became a prominent political figure           
after the removal of the Taliban regime in late 2001. From December 2001, Hamid         
Karzai had been the Chairman of the Transitional Administration followed by the         
Interim President from 2002 until he won the 2004 Presidential election of               
Hamid Karzai, an ethnic Pashtun of the Popalzai clan of the Durrani tribe, was           
born in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He comes from a family that were strong                   
supporters of the former king, Zahir Shah. He has six brothers and one sister.           
Karzai is well-versed in several languages, including Pashto, Persian, Urdu,             
Hindi, English and French.                                                               
From 1979 to 1983, Karzai took a postgraduate course in political science at             
Himachal Pradesh University in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. He then returned         
to work as a fund-raiser by supporting anti-Soviet Mujahideen in Afghanistan             
during the Soviet intervention for the rest of the 1980s. After the fall of             
Najibullah's Soviet-backed government in 1992, he served as Deputy Foreign               
Minister in the government of Burhanuddin Rabbani.                                       
In 1999, Hamid Karzai married Zeenat Karzai, an obstetrician by profession who           
was working as a doctor with Afghan refugees living in Pakistan. They have a son         
named Mirwais, who was born on January 25th, 2007.                                       
Karzai's trademark hat is a Karakul hat.