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Name: Gordon Russell                                                               
Born: 15 August 1929                                                               
Died: 19 January 1981                                                             
Gordon Russell (August 15, 1929 - January 19, 1981) was a television soap-opera   
Born in Salem, Massachusetts, he wrote for The Nurses on ABC. He is known for     
his works on Dark Shadows beginning in 1967. He appeared as a bit player on the   
final episode of Dark Shadows, on April 2, 1971. He also co-wrote the House of     
Dark Shadows screenplay with Sam Hall. He later took over head writing duties     
for Agnes Nixon after she left One Life To Live. Perhaps his most famous           
storyline on One Life to Live involved Karen Wolek, a housewife who confessed,     
on the witness-stand, to being a hooker. The story brought Judith Light an Emmy   
for Lead Actress. A trademark of his writing is the introduction of a character   
who would normally be bad, but to tell the story in a sympathetic way from the     
characters' point-of-view.                                                         
ABC had moved him from One Life to Live in order to write its California-based     
serial, General Hospital, but he died at the age of 51 before his work on that     
show began.