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Name: Brian Helgeland                                                               
Born: January 17, 1961                                                               
Brian Helgeland (born January 17, 1961 in Providence, Rhode Island) is a             
Norwegian-American movie writer and director. His mother is from Norway and his     
father from Brooklyn, New York[1]. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University in     
Los Angeles, he received his undergraduate degree at the University of               
Massachusetts Dartmouth.                                                             
In 1998, Helgeland became the first person to win both an Academy Award for Best     
Adapted Screenplay (for L.A. Confidential) and a Razzie (for The Postman) in the     
same year. He accepted the Razzie and became only the fourth person in its           
history to be personally presented with the statuette.                               
Helgeland wrote and directed the films A Knight's Tale (2001) and The Order (2003), 
which both featured the same core group of actors: Heath Ledger, Shannyn             
Sossamon, and Mark Addy. He has worked with director Clint Eastwood twice, in       
2002 on Blood Work, and in 2003 on Mystic River, for which he was Oscar             
nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, and has also written an as yet unproduced     
adaptation of Moby Dick.