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Industrialist and art collector, born in Buffalo, New York, USA. He studied at     
Yale (1899 BA), joined the family lumber business in Buffalo, and became           
vice-president (1907) and then president (1911). He was president of the Great     
Southern Lumber Co, Bogalusa, LA (1920–38), served as vice-president of the       
Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad (1907–10), and was president of the New Orleans 
Great Northern Railroad Co (1920–30). He also became chairman of the board of     
the Gaylord Container Corp (1937–52), later to merge with the Crown Zellerbach   
Corp. He was an avid collector of late 19th-c and early 20th-c American and         
European art, and, after he moved to New York City, he was president of the         
Museum of Modern Art (1929–39). After his death his collection was bequeathed to 
the Buffalo Museum of Fine Arts.