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NAME: Michael J. Fox
BORN: 09/06/1961
BIRTH PLACE: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Born Michael Andrew Fox in Canada, he moved, along with parents Bill and Phyllis, sisters Kelli, Karen and Jacki and brother Stephen, several times during childhood, before settling in Vancouver, where he started to act, adding ‘J’ as his middle initial, in homage to actor Michael J. Pollard.


He made his professional debut in the sitcom ‘Leo and Me’ in 1976, aged 15, and appeared in a few films before achieving success on TV, first in ‘Midnight Madness’ and subsequently as the bullied high-school student, in ‘Class of 1984′.


The TV sitcom ‘Family Ties’, shot him to immediate stardom, with his portrayal of the money-obsessed Alex P. Keaton winning him three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.