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During his lifetime, it was hard to determine when and where actor Yul Brynner was born, simply because he changed the story in every interview; confronted with these discrepancies late in life, he replied, “Ordinary mortals need but one birthday.” At any rate, it appears that Brynner’s mother was part Russian, his father part Swiss, and that he lived in Russia until his mother moved the family to Manchuria and then Paris in the early ’30s. He worked as a trapeze artist with the touring Cirque D’Hiver, then joined a repertory theater company in Paris in 1934. Brynner’s fluency in Russian and French enabled him to build up a following with the Czarist expatriates in Paris, and his talents as a singer/guitarist increased his popularity. And when Michael Chekhov hired Brynner for his American theater company, he added a third language – English – to his repertoire.