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Name: Marc Anthony                                                                         
Birth name: Marco Antonio Mu張z Ruiz                                                       
Born: 16 September 1968 United States; New York                                             
Marc Anthony (born September 16, 1968) is a singer-songwriter born in United               
States, popular in Latin America for his salsa music and romantic ballads.                 
Anthony was born Marco Antonio Mu張z in New York City, the son of Guillermina, a           
housewife, and Felipe Mu張z, a musician and hospital lunchroom worker. His                 
parents were Puerto Rican and named him after Marco Antonio Mu張z, a Mexican               
singer popular in Puerto Rico. He has a sister named Yolanda Muniz.                         
Anthony has a daughter, Arianna (1994), with his New York police officer ex-girlfriend     
Debbie Rosado. Anthony married former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres on 9 May               
2000 in Las Vegas. They have two sons, Cristian Anthony Mu張z (5 Feb 2001) and             
Ryan Anthony Mu張z (16 Aug 2003). It was a rocky marriage,and they separated in             
summer 2002. They later reconciled and renewed their vows in a spectacular                 
ceremony held in Puerto Rico in December of 2002. The couple's final                       
separation was in October 2003. Torres filed for divorce in January 2004.                   
In 2003, a Miami waitress filed paternity charges against Anthony; multiple DNA-tests,     
the last in August 2004, disproved her claims.                                             
As his divorce proceeded, Anthony was seen out with actress-singer Jennifer                 
Lopez, a long-time friend he had worked with in music videos. They had briefly             
dated in the late '90s, before his first marriage and her second one. Lopez and             
Anthony were recording a duet together in early 2004, for Lopez's then-upcoming             
film Shall We Dance? Lopez and Anthony married in a quiet home wedding on June 5,           
2004, less than a week after his divorce from Torres was finalized on June 1. On           
the morning of the wedding, however, the media was tipped off and circled her               
backyard in helicopters. Photographs, alerting the rest of the world, soon                 
followed. Reports fueled rumors that Lopez was pregnant but this was not the               
Their guests had been invited to an "afternoon party" at Lopez's house and had             
not been made aware that they were actually going to her wedding. The couple had           
planned not to publicize their marriage early on, allowing more privacy and time           
together in an otherwise intrusive environment. Days after the wedding, Anthony             
refused to comment on their marriage during interviews which were scheduled                 
earlier to promote a new album "Amar Sin Mentiras" (To Love Without Lies), which           
would earn him a Grammy award the following year.. In February 2005 Lopez                   
confirmed the marriage, and added that "everyone knows. It's not a secret". A               
few months later, Anthony's daughter, Ariana, appeared at the beginning and the             
end of her new stepmother Jennifer's music video music video "Get Right" as her             
little sister. Regarding his marriage and family life, Anthony maintains a                 
private and sometimes defensive stance with the media, which has influenced                 
Lopez to set some boundaries with interviewers.                                             
After weeks of speculation, on November 8, 2007, Marc and Jennifer confirmed to             
fans in a Miami concert that they were expecting their first child together.               
Twins were born to the couple on February 22, 2008 in a hospital on Long Island,           
New York. The girl was born at 12:12 am and weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz. and the boy               
followed at 12:23 am and weighed 6 lbs. Their names are Max and Emma.