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Name: Jack Paar                                                                     
Born: 1 May 1918 Canton, Ohio, USA                                                 
Died: 27 January 2004 Greenwich, Connecticut, USA                                   
Jack Harold Paar (May 1, 1918 – January 27, 2004) was an American radio and       
television talk show host most noted for his iconic status as host of The           
Tonight Show.                                                                       
Born in Canton, Ohio, he moved, along with his family, to Jackson, Michigan,       
approximately 30 miles south of Lansing, Michigan, during his childhood. Leaving   
school at 16, he first worked as a radio announcer at WIBM in Jackson, Michigan     
and later a humorous disc jockey at stations throughout the Midwest including       
WJR in Detroit, WIRE in Indianapolis, WGAR in Cleveland and WBEN in Buffalo. In     
his book P.S. Jack Paar, he recalled doing utility duty at WGAR on the night       
Orson Welles broadcast his infamous War of the Worlds over the CBS network (and     
affiliate WGAR). Attempting to calm possible panicked listeners, Paar announced,   
"The world is not coming to an end. Trust me. Have I ever lied to you?"             
During World War II, as part of a special services company entertaining troops     
in the South Pacific, Paar was a clever, wisecracking master of ceremonies. More   
than once. his pointed jibes at officers nearly got him into trouble. Paar         
became renowned among servicemen, who thought he was even better than               
professional comedians.                                                             
Jack Paar came to the attention of RKO Radio Pictures in Hollywood, which hired     
him to emcee Variety Time (1948), a compilation of vaudeville sketches. Paar       
later recalled that RKO didn't know what to do with him. His producers, trying     
to decide what kind of screen characters he could play, compared Paar with other   
RKO stars. Finally, Paar said, one of the executives had an inspiration, and       
figured out who Jack Paar really was: "Kay Kyser, with warmth." Paar projected a   
pleasant personality on film, and RKO called him back to emcee another filmed       
vaudeville show, Footlight Varieties (1951). Paar was featured in a few films,     
including a role opposite Marilyn Monroe in Love Nest (1951).                       
Like fellow humorists Steve Allen and Henry Morgan, Jack Paar dabbled in motion     
pictures but was much more comfortable behind a studio microphone, broadcasting.   
Paar found loyal listeners nationally as the 1950-51 host of radio's The $64       
Question on NBC. He appeared as a standup comic on The Ed Sullivan Show and         
hosted two TV game shows, Up To Paar (1952) and Bank On The Stars (1953), before   
hosting The Morning Show (1954) on CBS. In 1956 he hosted The Jack Paar Show on     
the ABC Radio network.