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Name: Fernand Lamaze                                                             
Born: 1891                                                                       
Died: 1957                                                                       
Fernand Lamaze (1891 - 1957) was a French obstetrician, most famous as the       
developer of the method of "natural childbirth" that bears his name.             
After visiting the Soviet Union in 1951, where he studied the techniques of Ivan 
Pavlov, Lamaze returned to France and developed a new approach to modern         
obstetrics, emphasizing paternal involvement and support for the birthing mother 
as well as techniques of relaxation and breathing.                               
Previously, obstetrical techniques focused on reducing the pain of childbirth   
had concentrated on better methods of anesthesia, however, Lamaze's 1956 book on 
the subject revolved around a "psychoprophylactic" technique of pain control.