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Ron Ely or Ronald Ely (born 21 June 1938) is the stage name of the American actor born Ronald Pierce in Hereford, Texas. After playing various bit-parts (including an airplane co-pilot in the 1958 movie South Pacific), he first became known for starring as Tarzan in a 1966 U.S. television series of that name. His height (6′ 4″) and athletic build also won him the title role in the 1975 Doc Savage film (photo at right), as well as various guest shots – in a 1978 Fantasy Island episode, for example, he played Mark Antony in a Roman military short tunic and breastplate that displayed almost as much of his physique as his Tarzan costume had.


In the 1980s, he starred in the series Sea Hunt and hosted the musical game show Face the Music.