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Swami Agnivesh is well known for his work in various fields of social work. He has held several important positions such as the Chairperson of the United Nations Trust Fund on contemporary forms of slavery, Chairpersom of the Bandhua Mukti Morcha and General Secretary of the Bhartiya Arya Pratininddhi Sabha. His present mission involves networking with various religious leaders of all major faiths, women’s orgainistions and social-political activists in their effort to carry out anti-liquor movements throughout India and strengthening the Arya Samah movement to fight against various forms of casteism, communalism, religious obscurantism and other social evils.


He is committed to continue fighting against bonded labour, child labour and child prostitution by making ‘Right to Minimum Wage’ and ‘Right to Education’ Fundamental Right. Swami Agfnivesh has to his credit various published books like ‘Vedic Socialism’, ‘Religion, Revolution and Marxism’.