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Name: Mahmūd Ahmadinejād                                                           
Born: 28 October 1956 Aradan, Iran                                                   
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (born October 28, 1956) is the sixth and                         
current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He became president on August     
6, 2005 after winning the 2005 presidential election by popular vote. Before         
becoming president, he was the mayor of Tehran. He is the highest directly           
elected official in the country; however, according to Article 113 of               
Constitution of Iran, he has less total power than the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah     
Ali Khamenei, who is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Iran and has     
the final word in all aspects of foreign and domestic policies.                     
Ahmadinejad is a critic of the George W. Bush Administration and supports           
strengthened relations with Russia, Venezuela, Syria, and the Persian Gulf           
states. He has said Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and             
has refused to end enrichment despite United Nations Security Council               
He has called for the dissolution of the state of Israel and its government,         
which he does not regard as legitimate or representative of the population,         
and for "free elections" in the region. He believes that the Palestinians need a     
stronger voice in the region's future. One of his most controversial                 
statements was one in which, according to some translations, he called for           
Israel to be "wiped off the map," but interpretations of this statement vary         
widely. He has also been condemned for describing the                               
Holocaust as a myth. which has led to accusations of anti-semitism.                 
In response to these criticisms, Ahmadinejad said “No, I am not anti-Jew, I       
respect them very much.”                                                           
During his presidency, Ahmadinejad launched a gas rationing plan to reduce the       
country's fuel consumption and cut the interest rate for private and public         
banking facilities.