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Name: Fahrid Murray Abraham                                                         
Born: 24 October 1939 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA                                 
Other name: Frank Murray Abraham                                                     
Fahrid Murray Abraham (born October 24, 1939) is an Academy Award-winning           
American actor. He became known during the 1980s, after winning the Oscar for       
Best Actor for his role in Amadeus, and has since appeared in many roles, both       
leading and supporting, in films, television, and mainly on stage.                   
Abraham was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the son of Josephine, a housewife,     
and Fahrid Abraham, an auto mechanic. His father was an Assyrian Christian           
who immigrated from Syria during the 1920s famine; his paternal grandfather was     
a chanter in the Syriac Orthodox Church. Abraham's mother, one of fourteen           
children, was an Italian American, the daughter of an immigrant who worked in       
the coal mines of Western Pennsylvania. Abraham was raised in El Paso, Texas,       
near the Mexican border, where he was a gang member during his teenage years.       
He attended the University of Texas at Austin, then studied acting under Uta         
Hagen in New York City. He began his acting career on the stage, debuting in a       
Los Angeles production of Ray Bradbury's The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit.               
Abraham can be seen as one of the undercover cops along with Al Pacino in the       
film 'Serpico'. Prior to his acclaimed role in Amadeus, Abraham was perhaps best     
known to audiences as a talking leaf in a series of television commercials for       
Fruit of the Loom underwear. He worked with Pacino again in the gangster film       
"Scarface" in 1983, playing drug dealer Omar Suarez. Abraham won the Academy         
Award for Best Actor for his role as Antonio Salieri in Amadeus (1984). After       
Amadeus he has mainly focused on classical theatre, and has starred in many         
Shakespearean productions such as Othello and Richard III, as well as many other     
plays by the likes of Samuel Beckett and Gilbert and Sullivan.                       
Abraham has focused on stage work throughout his career, giving notable             
performances as Pozzo in Mike Nichols' production of Waiting for Godot, Malvolio     
in Twelfth Night for the New York Shakespeare Festival, and Shylock in The           
Merchant of Venice for a New York based theatre company called Theatre For A New     
Audience (TFANA) which has been performed in March 2007 at The Swan Theatre,         
part of the Royal Shakespeare Company.