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Kanthe Maharaj was one of the pillars of Banaras Baz who not only took it to its zenith but also devoted all hid life to make it popular among the common people.


Kanthe Maharaj was born in 1880 at Kabir Chaura Muhallah of Varanasi . His father, Pandit Daleep Mishra, was also an excellent Tabla Player. His initial education in music was by Baldev Dahayaji. Kanthe Maharaj is considered to be the first musician who presented stuti through his Tabla.


For about 70 years, he gave company with his Tabla to all the renowned singers, instrument players and dancers. In 1954, he made a record by playing Tabla for about two-and-a-half hours. He possessed the skills of playinjg every style of Rabla, but he was nost famous for Banaras Baz. In 1961, he was awarded by the Sangeet Natak Academy . He died on August 1, 1970 at the ripe age of 90.