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Name: King Kong                                                                       
King Kong is the name of a fictional giant ape from the legendary Skull Island,       
who has appeared in several works since 1933. Most of these bear his name, and       
include the groundbreaking 1933 film, the film remakes of 1976 and 2005, and         
numerous sequels.                                                                     
In the original film, the character's name is Kong -- a name given to him by the     
inhabitants of "Skull Island" in the Indian Ocean, where Kong lived along with       
other over-sized animals such as a plesiosaur, pterosaurs, and dinosaurs. 'King'     
is an appellation added by an American film crew led by Carl Denham, who             
captures Kong and takes him to New York City to be exhibited as the "Eighth           
Wonder of the World". Kong escapes and climbs the Empire State Building (the         
World Trade Center in the 1976 remake) where he is shot and killed by aircraft.       
Nevertheless, "it was beauty who killed the beast", as he only climbed the           
building in the first place in an attempt to protect the lead female character       
Ann Darrow. (In the 1976 remake the equivalent character is named Dwan.)             
A mockumentary about Skull Island on the DVD for the 2005 remake (but originally     
seen on the Sci-Fi Channel at the time of its theatrical release) gives Kong's       
scientific name as Megaprimatus kong, and states that his species may have           
evolved from Gigantopithecus.                                                         
The King Kong character was conceived and created by US filmmaker Merian C.