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One of the most outstanding philosophers of Shaiva philosophy was Abhinavagupta, who lived in Kashmir during the end of the tenth and the beginning of eleventh centuries.


Besides being a Shaiva philosopher, he was also very good in Sanskrit literature. He had imbibed this knowledge by various teachers and saints of contemporary period. The versatility of Abhinavagupta had brought him the nickname, ‘Shankaracharya of Kashmir’. He possessed all the eight yogic powers explained in the Shastras. Not only this, he was well versed in the ‘Six Signs’ which make someone in the category of god. Therefore, some people considered him as the ‘Shiva incarnate’.


Abhinavagupta says that karma deals with space and time. He explained that actually there is no space. He made it clear that God’s realisation is just the state of God’s consciousness or just recall of previous experience. Some of his famous works include ‘Bhairavastotra’, ‘Malinivijaya’, ‘Vastika’ and ‘Kramastotra’.