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Swami Kral Babji was born in 1928 on Phagun Purnima in an agricultural family at Kral Grud in Jammu and Kashmir. His parents were Sansar Chand and Kudwali. His parents were Sansar Chand and Kudwali. His parents named him Bhawgwan Dass ji. However, the name Kral Bab was given to him by Guru Maharaj Nand Lal ji.


His deeds during his childhood gave a clear indication that he was not at all interested in the worldly affairs. He used to play with ashes, cow dung and smear such dust over his body. Shri Kral Babji always avoided publicity either through print media or electronic media. He was exceptionally liberal.


He opened and ashram at Ghavi Udhampur to help people. Kral Babji was the disciple of Swami Nand Lalji. Being a faithful disciple, Kral Babji followed the path shown by his guru. He tried to prove that the Kashmiri spiritualism had more capacities and predispositions of popular mind and miracles of the order and style of affinity.