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Edward Bancroft was born on January 9, 1744, in Westfield, Massachusetts. His   
father died when Edward was only two years old, and Edward's mother was forced 
to carry for the family. She remarried five years later, and Edward moved to   
Connecticut to live with his stepfather David Bull. In his time living at       
Connecticut, Bancroft notably studied under Silas Deane. At the age of 16,     
Bancroft was apprenticed to a physician. Bancroft later fled his master (to whom
he owed a debt), though Bancroft would later return and repay the debt.                                                                                               
He worked as a spy for Benjamin Franklin when                                   
he was secretary to the American Commission in Paris. However, he was also a spy
for the British who would report on American and French dealings.               
At the end of the American Revolutionary War, Bancroft received English and         
French patents giving him the right to import yellow oak-bark. This trade made     
Bancroft a rich man. In 1794, Bancroft published "Experimental Researches           
Concerning Permanent Colors," a book he updated in 1813.