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Name: Selita Ebanks                                                                       
Born: 15 February 1983 George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands                         
Selita Ebanks (born February 15, 1983) is a Caymanian supermodel. She is best             
known for her work with Victoria's Secret and is one of the Victoria's Secret             
Selita Ebanks was born on February 15, 1983 in George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman         
Islands. She is of Caymanian, Jamaican,and Indian descent. She was raised in             
a large family that includes seven brothers. Influenced by her brothers, Ebanks           
played many sports growing up, such as basketball, football and tennis. The               
Ebanks family was quite poor, living in what she described as "a little blue,             
zinc-roof shack on Walkers Road". Often, Ebanks didn't have shoes to wear to             
George Town primary school. Her family, her mother in particular, encouraged her         
development through extracurricular programs.                                             
Later in life, Ebanks moved to the United States, and settled in Staten Island,           
New York. After moving to New York City she was accepted at Spelman College,             
Columbia University, and New York University. However, she graduated from                 
none of these institutions. She had planned to study Law before she started               
modeling. However, she did not study law. Ebanks was a former attendee of the             
prestigious institution John F. Kennedy Middle School. While attending the               
institution she was a member of the debate team. However, she did not graduate           
from this institution.                                                                   
At 17 years old, while walking through the turnstiles at Six Flags Great                 
Adventure, Ebanks was scouted by an agent from Elite Model Management.                   
Ebanks had worked with some of the world's most noted photographers, including           
Peter Lindbergh, Bruce Weber, Steven Klein, Carter Smith and Mikael Jansson, and         
for some of the most quintessential American fashion campaigns, including Ralph           
Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Levi's and Tommy Hilfiger.                                   
Ebanks is currently working as a model for Victoria's Secret. She had previously         
done work for their Ipex Bra line, before being signed. She and fellow up-and-coming     
model Izabel Goulart made their major d├ębut in the 2005 Victoria's Secret               
Fashion Show. She is now officially one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. She             
views Tyra Banks as a mentor. In 2005, Tyra Banks said she was proud of Ebanks           
to be representing for black women at Victoria's Secret.                                 
In 2007, Ebanks was selected to wear the "Very Sexy" Holiday Fantasy Bra Set             
with a price tag of $4,500,000 dollars that contains (diamonds, emeralds, rubies         
and yellow sapphires)--which she is featured in the Victoria's Secret "Christmas         
Dreams and Fantasies 2007" catalogue wearing the bra set and will wear the               
fantasy bra set during the Victoria's Secret fashion show on December 4, 2007.           
Ebanks made a special guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother (episode: "The           
Yips") on November 26, 2007 with her fellow Victoria's Secret supermodels (Miranda       
Kerr, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Marisa Miller, and Alessandra Ambrosio).                 
She made her first appearance on Sports Illustrated's 2007 Swimsuit Issue.               
She started to become an all-around-entertainer. She has recorded some music and         
appeared on the UPN-series South Beach.