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Rebecca Romijn (pronounced “romaine"), was born on the 6th of November 1972, in Berkeley, California. In 1995, Rebecca attended UC Santa Cruz and majored in music. A struggling student, Rebecca decided to sign up with a San Francisco modeling agency to help pay the bills. In a mere two months and almost instantaneously, Rebecca made the move from college student to glamorous runway model. Then, in 1996 all hell broke loose for Rebecca as she became on of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful people, a contract with Victoria’s Secret, extensive presence in the 1996 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Rebecca took time off from her studies to work as a full-time model. In no time, she already had contracts with major league fashion houses such as Christian Dior and Escada. She also became the fantasy girl in Miller Light’s advertising campaign, and can also be seen showing off her milk moustache in a Got Milk? advertising campaign. In 1999, she graced the cover of the magazine with a painted-on swimsuit.


As for her acting career, Rebecca has appeared in popular sitcoms such as Friends and Just Shoot Me. She has also become the host of MTV’s House of Style, and sometimes shares co-hosting duties with model James King. Rebecca was no stranger to being the host of a television show; she was a temporary host for NBC’s late night show, Later. Rebecca had a cameo appearance in last summer’s Austin Powers sequel, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. One might ask what is with Rebecca and body paint. Not only did a 1997 cover for GQ show Rebecca in a bikini bottom with Dennis Rodman’s hands painted on her chest, but Rebecca’s costume in this summer’s blockbuster X-Men, co-starring Halle Berry and Famke Janssen, is mostly made of body paint. As the mutant Mystique, Rebecca is sure to mystify audiences, without even saying a word. Rebecca has been married to Full House star John Stamos since 1998.