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It will not be an exaggeration to say that both Hindu and Muslims consider Pandit Bhaskarbuva Bakhle as a great artist. He was a unique singer of his time. His song were repete with enthusiasm and romanticiam. He brought classical music within the reach of a layman by adopting a gay and playful style and stage music the status of classical music.


Bhaskarbuva was born on October 17, 1869, at Kathor in Baroda province. Inspite of being admitted into a Sanskrit school, his desire to learn singing was cultivates in his chilhood. On the advice of his teacher, Bhaskar began his education in music under an eminent singer Vishubuva Pingel. Bhaslarbuva joined Kirloskar Drama Company of Maharshtra. This gsve him an opportunity to perfect his singing. But his association with the company did not last long. Then he went to Baroda to imbile education in singing from Faiji Mohammad Khan. He open ‘Bharat Gayan Samaj’ School in pune. Bhaskarbuva died on April 8,1922.