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Name: Susan Powter                                                                       
Born: 22 December 1957                                                                   
Susan Powter (b. December 22, 1957, Sydney, Australia) is a motivational speaker,         
dietitian and personal trainer who rose to fame in the 1990s with her mantra "Stop       
the Insanity!" She gives few details of her personal life except that she has             
always been somewhat estranged from her parents, Colin and Jan Powter, that she           
was educated by Dominican nuns, and that she has 3 sons (23, 22 & 9 years old).           
Sons Damien and Kiel were born from her first marriage to Nic Villareal (1982-1988).     
Although she had a second marriage to Lincoln Apeland from 1989-1995, he is not           
the father of her third son.                                                             
She is an author with several best-selling books. She was set apart from other           
people in her profession because of her loud, aggressive manner of speaking and           
her military-style, platinum-white flat-top haircut. Though no longer in the             
limelight as she once was, she continues to write and motivate.                           
In 2003, she returned to writing with The Politics of Stupid, a stream-of-consciousness, 
self-published manifesto encouraging women to take control of their brains and           
bodies from the food manufacturers, corrupt governments, and fitness/diet                 
industries. Advocating a whole-foods, organic, low-fat diet, and regular                 
cardiovascular and strength-training exercise, she describes herself now as a "radical   
feminist lesbian woman."                                                                 
Susan's web site reported that she would be hosting a radio show beginning in             
May 2006 and a cooking show entitled Taste My Broth within the year. She also             
puts out The Monthly Flow, a subscription-based multi-media e-zine.                       
Powter was featured in the May 28, 2007, episode of The Simple Life: Goes to             
Camp to help motivate campers in a fitness camp.                                         
In November of 2007 Susan re-launched her blog ( focusing           
on creating a fitness and wellness universe online. She is working new videos             
and books scheduled for release in 2008.