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Name: Philip Emeagwali                                                                 
Born: 1954                                                                             
Philip Emeagwali (born in 1954) is a Nigerian-born computer scientist/geologist       
who was one of two winners of the 1989 Gordon Bell Prize, a prize from the IEEE,       
for his use of the Connection Machine supercomputer - a machine featuring over         
65,000 parallel processors - to help analyze petroleum fields.                         
Emeagwali was born in Akure, Nigeria in 1954. He dropped out of school in             
1967 because of the Nigerian civil war. When he turned fourteen, he was               
conscripted into the Biafran army. After the war he completed a high-school           
equivalency through self-study and came to the United States to study at               
university under a scholarship. He received a bachelor's degree in mathematics         
from Oregon State University in 1977. He received a master's degree in                 
environmental engineering from George Washington University in 1981, and another       
master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Maryland, College Park in       
1986. He also received a post-master's degree in ocean, coastal and marine             
engineering from George Washington University in that year. He was also working       
as a civil engineer at the Bureau of Land Reclamation in Wyoming during this