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Name: Nia Vardalos                                                                     
Born: 24 September 1962 Winnipeg, Manitoba                                             
Nia Vardalos (born September 24, 1962) is a Golden Globe-nominated Canadian-American   
actress, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and producer.                             
Vardalos was born Antonia Eugenia Vardalos in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the daughter         
of Greek Canadian parents Doreen, a bookkeeper and homemaker, and Constantine "Gus"     
Vardalos, a land developer who worked in business. She attended                         
Ryerson University. Vardalos married actor Ian Gomez on September 5, 1993 (her         
husband converted to the Greek Orthodox religion prior to marrying her).               
She became a dual citizen (with the U.S.) in 1999.                                     
Vardalos had done many different works but gained almost overnight success with         
her movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The success of the movie led to an                 
unsuccessful T.V. series on CBS, called My Big Fat Greek Life. Except for John         
Corbett, this series featured the original movie cast. In 2004 she followed it         
up with Connie and Carla, which co-starred Toni Collette. Vardalos and her             
husband have appeared together in both of those films, as well as Meet Prince           
Charming (1999). Vardalos also guest starred on The Drew Carey Show in 1997,           
where Gomez was a frequent guest star. As of 2007, her next work is the movie A         
Wilderness of Monkeys, followed by My Life In Ruins, which will arrive in               
theaters in 2008.                                                                       
Vardalos was featured in The Dialogue interview series. In this 90 minute               
interview with producer Mike DeLuca, Vardalos talks about how her experiences in       
the Second City comedy troupe helped her as an actress and a screenwriter, and         
how the unofficial “tell-the-Greek” word-of-mouth program had a hand in             
catapulting her movie to such great heights.