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Name: Amy Jo Johnson                                                                 
Born: 6 October 1970 Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA                                   
Amy Jo Johnson grew up in a quiet little town on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. She     
was the youngest of three children and, like all stereotypical youngest children,   
she desired and craved an enormous amount of attention. In order to fulfill this     
need, Amy Jo at the early age of seven, began performing. The creative outlet       
she chose was gymnastics at Cape Cod Gymnastics, through which she competed         
locally and internationally. Being a gymnast fulfilled and fueled her ambitions     
for ten years, and the years to come.                                               
During this time, she also spent a great deal of time daydreaming about what it     
would be like to be an actress or a rock star, to be on stage and be able to         
express all of her creative desires. So, as soon as she turned 18, she packed up     
her dreams and with the blessing from her family, Amy Jo was off to the big         
apple. After about a year or so of studying in New York and gaining much             
experience, she decided to venture even further and packed it all up again to       
drive out to Hollywood. Hollywood, her new home, where she has spent the last 10     
years working hard each day to make those daydreams come true.                       
In 1997, Amy Jo was cast in the television series Felicity. Her character, Julie     
Emmerick, was a college freshman who ironically enough played guitar and sang       
her own music. This would have been an incredible joyous turn in Amy Jo's career     
but simultaneously her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.                   
Also in 1998, Amy Jo was cast again as a musician in VH1's first original movie,     
Sweet Water. Not only did she get to play the lead character of Nancy Nevins who     
battled with the rock scene in the late '60s but she also got to rerecord the       
vocals of Sweet Water's original music for the soundtrack of the film. The movie     
and Amy Jo's acting and singing performance received rave reviews.                   
Around that same time, Amy Jo was also fortunate enough to be a part of the         
Felicity soundtrack. Songs from Aretha Franklin, Sarah McLachlan, Peter Gabriel     
and other major talents were along side Amy Jo on this album. Amazed to be in       
such company, she decided to record a song that she had written for her mother       
called "Puddle of Grace". The producer on that track was the legendary bass         
player Larry Kline, who also produced many of Joni Mitchell's albums among a         
gazillion other projects. Amy Jo definitely held her own against the other major     
talents that accompanied her on this soundtrack.                                     
During the release of the soundtrack, Amy Jo flew to Chicago to help with           
promotions. One of the venues she played was at a Lincoln Park bar called the       
Elbo Room. On the bill that night among a number of other local talent was a         
band by the name of Extra Very. The lead singer J.T. McCluskey immediately           
caught Amy Jo's eyes and ears. They were a David Bowie-esque modern rock band       
that was signed at the time to Warner Brothers. Amy Jo and J.T. made an instant     
connection and became such great friends that it has become to influence and         
inspire her music in a very distinct way.                                           
Amy Jo found herself ready to leave her role on Felicity and throw herself           
completely into the passion for her music. Coincidently enough, J.T. was going       
through some major career changes himself and was feeling an urge to venture         
creatively outside his own music arena. So around October of 1999, J.T. called       
Amy Jo and asked her if she would be interested in having him produce her first     
album. Being free of any commitments and wanting to begin expanding her music,       
she jumped at the chance. Amy Jo has put together her tour band for the album       
and is currently playing out locally in L.A.