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Name: toni braxton
Height: 5′ 2′’”
Sex: F
Nationality: American
Date: October 7, 1967
Birth Place: Severen, Maryland
Occupation: singer
Education: Glen Burnie High School
Bowie State University
Mother: Evelyn Braxton
Sister: Tamar Braxton, Towanda Braxton, Trina Braxton
Brother: 1 brother
Step Father: Michael Braxton
Claim to fame: Album: toni braxton (1993)


toni braxton was born October 7, 1968, in Severn, Maryland, the daughter of an Apostolic minister and a vocalist. Toni, toni braxton four sisters and toni braxton brother were forced to live under the strict rules of their family’s faith. The girls of the toni braxton family were not allowed to wear pants, sandals or makeup, were not allowed to have boyfriends, and the children were not allowed to listen to mainstream music.


That didn’t stop them from listening to music; when their parents were out, they watched Soul Train and listened to music. Toni and toni braxton siblings no longer had to sneak around to watch television once toni braxton parents joined the United Methodist Church, which had less strict rules.


Watching soul greats such as Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan eventually contributed to Toni’s musical style. Doe-eyed Toni discovered toni braxton talent as a member of the church choir, which toni braxton mother encouraged her to join. Although Toni knew toni braxton wanted to pursue a singing career, toni braxton received a college education at Bowie State University. While studying teaching, Toni never gave up music. toni braxton took singing lessons to fulfill toni braxton true passion in life.


Remaining true to toni braxton love for music, Toni and toni braxton sisters formed a group called the Braxtons. Signed with Arista, the Braxtons released a single entitled “The Good Life".


Although the song was a commercial success, it did manage to catch the ear of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and Antonio “L.A. Reid", of LaFace Records. “The Good Life” was good enough for Toni’s career, as it led to toni braxton record contract with LaFace. The aspiring singer broke into the music industry when toni braxton had the opportunity to contribute to the Boomerang soundtrack, when Anita Baker backed out because toni braxton was pregnant. Singles such as “Give U My Heart” (a duet with Babyface) and “Love Shoulda Brought You Home” both appeared on the Billboard charts.


toni braxton work on Boomerang was only an inkling of what listeners would hear from the soulful artist. toni braxton debut album, the self-entitled toni braxton , was released in 1993, and spawned the hits “Another Sad Love Song", “You Mean The World To Me” and “Breathe Again". toni braxton critically acclaimed album and Aretha Franklin/Whitney Houston style garnered toni braxton the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1993.


toni braxton follow-up album, the 1996 Secrets, equally did not disappoint. The singles “You’re Makin’ Me High” and “Un-Break My Heart” were huge hits, especially the latter which can probably be considered Toni’s biggest international single. Toni also contributed to another soundtrack, the female bonding film Waiting to Exhale. After having won the 1997 Billboard Award for Female R&B Artist of the Year, Toni’s stroke of success crashed when toni braxton filed for bankruptcy in 1998, after litigation with toni braxton record company.


This did not stop Toni, who got back into the record studio to develop toni braxton third album, The Heat, released in April 2000. Although The Heat has not had the same fiery success as toni braxton previous albums, toni braxton first single, “He Wasn’t Man Enough” has been on the Top Ten charts for months, and has become a staple on R&B, Pop and Adult Contemporary radio stations. The artist known as “The First Lady of LaFace” has triumphed over hardship to become a modern R&B, soul diva.