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Name: Susan Sarandon                                                                   
Birth name: Susan Abigail Tomalin                                                       
Born: 4 October 1946 New York City, U.S.                                               
Susan Sarandon (born October 4, 1946) is an American actress. She has worked in         
films and television since 1970 and has won an Academy Award for her role in           
Dead Man Walking. She is also noted for her political activism for liberal             
Sarandon, the eldest of nine children, was born Susan Abigail Tomalin in New           
York City, the daughter of Lenora Marie (nee Criscione) and Phillip Leslie             
Tomalin, who worked as an advertising executive, television producer, and               
nightclub singer during the big band era. Sarandon's father was of English,             
Irish, and Welsh ancestry and her mother was of Sicilian/Italian descent.               
Sarandon, and 10 of her relatives (including her significant other Tim Robbins         
and her son Miles), traveled to Wales to track her family's Welsh genealogy.           
Their journey was documented by the BBC Wales programme "Coming Home: Susan             
Sarandon was raised in a Roman Catholic family. She graduated from Edison High         
School in 1964, and then attended The Catholic University of America from 1964         
to 1968 where she attained a BA in drama, working with noted drama coach and           
master teacher Father Gilbert Hartke.                                                   
In 1969, Sarandon went to a casting call for the motion-picture Joe with her           
then husband Chris Sarandon. Although he did not get a part, she was cast in a         
major role of a disaffected teen who disappears into the seedy underworld (the         
film was released in 1970). Five years later, she appeared in the cult favorite         
The Rocky Horror Picture Show. That same year, she also played the female lead         
in The Great Waldo Pepper, opposite Robert Redford. Her most controversial film         
appearance was in The Hunger in 1983, a modern vampire story which turned out to       
be a critical and box office flop. The film has gained some cult status for a           
rather graphic lesbian love scene between Sarandon and co-star Catherine Deneuve.       
It was the first mainstream American film to feature such a scene between two           
star actresses. However, Sarandon did not become a "household name" until her           
breakthrough in the 1988 film Bull Durham. which became a huge commercial and           
critical success.                                                                       
Sarandon received five Academy Award nominations for best actress, in Atlantic         
City (1981), Thelma & Louise (1991), Lorenzo's Oil (1992), and The Client (1994),       
finally winning in 1996 for Dead Man Walking. Her other movies include Stepmom (1998), 
Anywhere but Here (1999), Cradle Will Rock (1999), The Banger Sisters (2002),           
Shall We Dance (2004), Alfie (2004), Romance & Cigarettes (2005) and                   
Elizabethtown (2005).                                                                   
Sarandon appeared in The Simpsons as herself, in an episode which aired in March       
2006; she has appeared on the show once before as a ballet teacher. She made           
appearances on the shows Friends, Malcolm in the Middle, Mad TV, Saturday Night         
Live, Chappelle's Show, and Rescue Me.                                                 
Most recently, Sarandon joined the cast of the adaptation ofThe Lovely Bones,           
opposite Rachel Weisz, and appeared with her daughter, Eva Amurri, in Middle of         
Nowhere; both of the movies were filmed in 2007.