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Camilla Parker Bowles is the longtime companion of Charles, Prince of Wales. She   
was born on 15 July 1947 Camilla Rosemary Shand in London. Her parents were the     
Hon. Rosalind Cubitt, a daughter of the 3rd Baron Ashcombe, and her husband,       
Major Bruce Shand, an British Army officer turned wine merchant. Mrs. Parker       
Bowles is related to two other favourites of the British royal family. She is a     
great-granddaughter of famed royal mistress Alice Keppel (Mrs. George Keppel,       
née Edmonstone), who was the last love of Prince Charles's great-great-grandfather, 
Edward VII. She is also related to Arnold Joost van Keppel, 1st Earl of             
Albemarle, a love of William III. She is also a great-niece of Violet Trefusis,     
a noted socialite who caused an international scandal in the 1920s by eloping       
with fellow writer Vita Sackville-West; both ladies were married at the time.       
The relationship between the former Mrs Parker Bowles and Charles, Prince of       
Wales began in 1972, before either of them was married, but ended a year later,     
reportedly after the prince delayed proposing marriage. Camilla Shand was           
married in 1973 to Andrew Parker Bowles, an Army officer who was a friend of       
Prince Charles and a godson of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother; they divorced     
in 1995. The couple had two children: Tom (born 1974, a food columnist for         
Tatler who is a godson of the Prince of Wales) and Laura (born 1979). Charles       
and Camilla's friendship continued. The Parker Bowles marriage became shaky, and   
Andrew Parker Bowles took a long-term mistress who later became his second wife.   
Publicly, the enduring relationship of Charles and Camilla was blamed by the       
late Diana, Princess of Wales for the break-up of the Waleses' marriage.           
The continuing relationship between Charles and Camilla was kept secret until       
the early 1990s, when the rift between Charles and Diana became public knowledge.   
It was the "Camillagate" scandal tape recordings of a private telephone             
conversation between Charles and Camilla that brought it to the surface. It has     
been claimed by royal "insiders," though denied by both the couple and their       
friends, that their affair had been conducted throughout Charles's engagement.     
The affair publicly resumed after he made the decision to separate from his wife.   
Camilla Parker Bowles now lives openly with the Prince of Wales at Highgrove       
House and appears with him at social events. She also lives at Clarence House,     
the former residence of the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, which is now     
the Prince of Wales's official London residence.