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Mena attended middle school at the Ashley Hall Girls School in Charleston South Carolina and graduated from Providence High School in Burbank California. Mena has stated that she could hardly wait to get out of high school because she did not feel comfortable from when she transferred there from a private school. She was not popular and did not overtly change in order to become more popular.


Mena’s given name comes from her British godmother who was named after the House of Mena Hotel which is located near the pyramids in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Her last name is Estonian and is derived from a river located there. Mena has three older brothers Sulev, AJ and Yuri. In 1999 she obtained breakthrough roles in American Beauty and American Pie and these have earned her our adoration and a large fan following.


Mena next worked in the film Sugar and Spice, a black comedy about a cheerleader who becomes pregnant and who turns to committing crimes in order to continue living in the style she has become accustomed to living. Mena’s natural hair color is dirty blonde, her eyes blue and she is 5′4″ in height. Her favorite food is Indian cuisine and enjoys painting with watercolors as a hobby. Her favorite music is Techno and she drives a sports utility vehicle. Sorry guys, she has recently gotten married to her longtime boyfriend Robert Brinkman a 38 year old cinematographer in March of 2000