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Name: Colm J. Meaney                                                                                 
Born: 30 May 1953 Dublin, Ireland                                                                     
Colm J. Meaney (born May 30, 1953) is an Irish actor widely known for playing Miles O'Brien in Star   
Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.                                             
Meaney was born in Dublin. He started studying acting when he was fourteen years                     
of age, and entered the Abbey Theatre school of Acting after secondary school.                       
He became a member of the Irish National Theatre and spent the next eight years                       
in England, touring with several theatre companies.                                                   
Meaney's first television appearance was in Z-Cars on BBC1 in 1978. He guest-starred                 
on shows such as Remington Steele and Moonlighting before embarking on a                             
successful film career; he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor for                     
his role in The Snapper.                                                                             
Meaney first appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987 in its pilot                         
episode, Encounter At Farpoint. His character was eventually given the name of                       
Miles O'Brien. In 1993, Meaney left The Next Generation for its spin-off Star                         
Trek: Deep Space Nine, and remained on Deep Space Nine until its final episode                       
in 1999. With 216 total appearances on Star Trek (162 on Deep Space Nine and 54                       
on The Next Generation), he has made more appearances on the franchise than any                       
other actor except Michael Dorn (280). Meaney appeared in two Star Trek pilot                         
episodes (The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine), a distinction shared with                         
Patrick Stewart and Armin Shimerman. Meaney is also one of six actors to appear                       
in the finales of two different Star Trek series.                                                     
He has also played a minor recurring role as Cowen, leader of the Genii on the                       
Sci-Fi Channel series Stargate Atlantis, and he guest-starred on Law & Order:                         
Criminal Intent.                                                                                     
He was the only actor to appear in all three film adaptations of Roddy Doyle's                       
The Barrytown Trilogy wherein he played the father of the Rabbitte family;                           
however due to rights issues the family name changed from film to film.                               
His stage appearances include the Old Vic production of Eugene O'Neill's A Moon                       
for the Misbegotten.                                                                                 
Meaney has appeared as Bob O'Donnell on the ABC show Men In Trees.                                   
Meaney will star in Life on Mars, a US remake of the BBC series Life on Mars,                         
playing Gene Hunt.