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Born: Marion Gordon Robertson                                                       
Born: 22 March 1930 Lexington, Virginia, United States                             
Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson (born March 22, 1930) is a televangelist from         
the United States. He is the founder of numerous organizations and                 
corporations, including the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ),             
Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), the Christian Coalition, Flying Hospital,     
International Family Entertainment, Operation Blessing International Relief and     
Development Corporation, and Regent University. He is the host of The 700           
Club, a Christian TV program airing on channels throughout the United States and   
on CBN affiliates worldwide.                                                       
Robertson is a Southern Baptist and was active as an ordained minister with that   
denomination for many years, but holds to a charismatic theology not               
traditionally common among Southern Baptists. He unsuccessfully campaigned to       
become the Republican Party's nominee in the 1988 presidential election. As a       
result of his seeking political office, he no longer serves in an official role     
for any church. Despite this, his media and financial resources make him a         
recognized and influential, albeit controversial, public voice for conservative     
Christianity in the United States.