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Name: Adrian Thaws                                                               
Also known as Tricky Kid                                                         
Born: 27 January 1968 Knowle West, Bristol, England                               
Genre: Trip-hop                                                                   
Occupation(s): producer, mixer, musician                                         
Instrument(s): Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica                                       
Adrian Thaws (born January 27, 1968), better known as Tricky, is an English trip 
hop musician in the British music scene (despite loathing the "trip hop" tag).   
He is noted for a whispering lyrical style that is half-rapped, half-sung. As a   
producer and a musician, he is noted for a dark, rich and layered sound.         
Culturally, Tricky bridges white and black Britain, particularly in his fusion   
of rock and hip hop, high art and pop culture. His debut album Maxinquaye was     
nominated for the Mercury Prize and voted Album of the Year by NME Magazine.