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Laurence Fishburne (born July 30, 1961 in Augusta, Georgia, USA) is a notable United States movie actor.


Laurence Fishburne started acting at the age of 12, getting his big break portraying Joshua Hall on the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live in 1973. Fishburne later earned a supporting role in Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now", as well as a recurring role as “Cowboy Curtis” alongside Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) in the CBS children’s television show, “Pee Wee’s Playhouse". However, it was his 1991 role in “Boyz N The Hood” that gained him lasting recognition as an outstanding actor. The next year, Fishburne won a Tony Award for his stage performance in August Wilson’s Two Trains Running, which was followed by an Oscar nomination one year later for his impersonation of Ike Turner in What’s Love Got to Do With It?. Also in 1992 he received an Emmy Award for an episode of the short-lived TV series Tribeca. Nowadays Fishburne is best known for his role as Morpheus, the hacker-mentor of Neo (Keanu Reeves) in the blockbuster science fiction movie series “The Matrix.”


Fishburne married actress Hajna O. Moss in 1985 and had two children with her, a son named Langston (born 1987) and a daughter named Montana (born 1991); however, the couple got divorced during the 1990s, and on September 20 2002, Fishburne married another actress, Gina Torres.