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Thiru Muruga Kirupanandha Variyar, popularly known and reverently called as Variyar Swamigal was born at KangeyaNallur, a small village on the bank of ‘Palar’ river. This village lies at a distance of 5 km between Vellore and Katpadi in Vellore District. This province is referred to as Thondai Nadu in Sangam literature.


The 25th August 1906 became auspicious day since it has the glory of being the birth date of our Swamigal. (According to Indian Astrology, it was Saturday 4.37 AM, Sukla Patcham, Sasti thithi, Swathi Nakshatram, Subranama Yogam, Gowlawa Karanam, Thula Rasi Kadaga Lagnam)


Swamy’s father Siva Thiru Mallaya Dasa Bhagavathar was well known for his discourses on ancient Purana & Ethics. He was a great scholar, his knowledge and wisdom in Purana, Ethics and literature were unlimited. Hence, he was conferred with the title “Puranethikasa Paarangathar". He established ‘Thirupugazh Sabhas’ in each and every place to propagate “Thirupugazh” , the songs which spell the glory of god Muruga.


Madhu Shri Kanagavalli Ammaiyar, mother of our Swamigal was a noble, highly discipline calm, affectionate holy woman. She was always align with the thoughts of her husband. Her kindness and helping tendency towards mankind particularly towards poor was endless. The parents of our Swamigal belongs to Veera Saiva Dynasty (Primarily followers of Lord Siva) got 11 children, the fourth child was our swamigal.


The Almighty now and then exposes his greatness for the well being of mankind makes saints to born in this world. In this chain of saints, our Swamigal known as Deiva Thiru Muruga Kirupanantha Variyar Swamigal came to this world at the beginning of 20th century.Life of Swamigal spread over the devotional activities, Religious rites, particularly Swamigal made Saint Arunagirinathar’s ‘Thiruppugazh’ known to the entire world.


‘Swamigal established Thiruvarul Dhavaneri Manram’ with his own cost and appointed Preachers for propagating the religious and devotional rites and ideals. Swamigal set himself as a legend for self discipline; above all his life made men to live as men.


Naturally one may not be talented in all subjects One may possess high knowledge in one matter but least about other.


One may be a good orator but not at all a good author.


One may be good writer but not a good orator. Some may possess in depth knowledge in Sangamliterature, but do not possess any knowledge or interest in literature pertaining to religion. Even people who are well versed in religious literature may not do well in music.But our Swamigal had enormous and deep knowledge and practice of all these arts and literature. In short he conquered, devotion, discipline, extraordinary memory power, kindness and vast knowledge of texts.


The grand mother of Swamigal lived in Kurnool. There was a great saint known as ‘Gurubalam’ who possessed many talents (Ashtama Siddies). Out of his power he could turn camphor cubes into golden cubes.One day that grand mother(mother of Swamigal’s mother) took her son-in-law MallayaDasar (Swamigal’s father) to the said saint Gurubalam to get a golden cube for the her son in law. Saint Gurubalam knew this matter through his spritual thought.He asked “whether the golden cube which I give last forever? “Further he told “A child is conceived and being grown in the stomach of your daughter Kanagavalli and by the child your entire home will be spread with golden cubes". According to the saints words so born was our Variyar Swamigal.


Our Swamigal never stepped into any school. But his father Mallayadasar taught him education, Literature, grammer, music and instrumental music, particularly Veena, Swamigal started reading and learning texts at Third year of his age.Swamigal was capable of authoring Venbas (a sort of Tamil lyric) at his eighth year of age. At his 12th year he memorized ten thousand poems and authored texts like ‘Ashta Naga Bandham’, ‘Mayil’,'Vel’, and ‘Sivalinga Bandams’ which were too hard and a challenge for even highly learned scholars.


According to the Veera Saiva customs Swamigal wore Sivalingam(Sivalinga Tharanam) at his fifth year in Pana Patrar Mutt in Thiruvannamalai. Swamigal received upadesam ‘Satakkara Mantram’ from his father and received upadesam ‘Sutchuma Satakkara Mantram’ from Thirupugazh Swamigal.Palani Easana Sivachariya Swamigal graced our Swamigal ‘Nirvana Dhiksha’ and named him as ‘Vama Deva Sivam’ (Dhikshanamam). Swamigal learnt ‘Veena’ from Bhramma Sri Then Madam Varadhachariyar.


In his early days Swamigal had Dharshan of ‘Srimath Pamban Swamigal’ . Later once swamigal received Sadakkara Upadesam from Pamban Swamigal in dream. Bhramma Sri Loganatha Iyyer known as Madurai Thirupugazh Swamigal established Thirupugazh Saba at Adi Street Madurai in 1919 to teach and propogate ‘Thirupugazh.’


Thirupugazh Swamigal had the divine power of Vakku Siddhi (meaning that whatever he tells will hapen certainly). Our Swamigal learnt Thiruppugazh for some days. Thiruppugazh Swamigal graced and told our Swamigal “Your can learn everything by yourself and everything will be known to you without anybody’s induction".


Thus our Swamigal later became ‘Thiruppugazh’ itself.


To attribute his gratitude towards his Guru Thiruppugazh Swamigal for having heard lessons of Thiruppugazh for few days from his Guru, our Swamigal look after the family of the Guru for about 25 years.


Our Swamigal married Amirtha Lakshmi, daughter of his maternal uncle at his 19the age.


It is said that saints like Thiruvalluvar had no children since no sacred life was available to call them as ‘father’. So was the case in our Swamigal also.


Variyar Swamigal started publishing Thiryppugazh Amirtham, the monthly magazine in the year 1936 and continued the edition for 37 years. The contents of this magazine were a comprehensive elaborate detailed description on one song in ‘Thiruppugazh’ and other verses of ARUNAGIRINATHAR like Kandar Alangaram, stories emphasizing morality and chastity, and short literary composition of other scolars etc.


Our Swamigal started worshipping Lord Muruga from 1936 and continued performing pooja for 57 years until he attained eternal life at Lord Guha’s feet. He never gave up performing pooja not even for a day. Never thought of taking food without performing pooja. There was not even a single day in his life without taking bath and performing pooja.


Swamigals Participation in Film Industry


Swamigal played eminent rolls to emphasis the faith in trusting God in the following pictures produced by Devar films :Thunaivan ,Thiruvarul , Deivamand also in other pictures like
Miruthanga Chakravarthi , Navagrha Nayagi and Kandhar Alangaram


Swamigal also written screenplay for the picture ‘ Sivakavi’ in which the glorious actor Thyagaraja Bagavathar was the hero


The motto of being a human in this world is to serve others before self. The people love other live for other, even the bone of kind people belongs to all other. So is a statement in Thirukkural and according to that, our Swamigal toiled for others, for the people, for the world throughtout his life span.


It is said that one who sees a thousand cresents in his life has lived for a full span with entire fullfilment in all aspects of life.


Thus our Swamigal lived as a pearl representing the Pancha Boodhas. That is why he was born in this earth and attained eternal life in the space on 07.11.1993.