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A Shiva devotee, Laleshwari was born in 1335 at Pandraethan village in Kashmir. She was married at the age of twelve to a Pandit boy.


The Hindus called her Laleshwari while Muslims called her Lala Asifa. Her family life was not an exception to the common lot of womanhood. She was always ill-treated and ill-fed and there was no one who could identify the divine sparks in her. She possessed all the virtues like self-denial, patience and self discipline. Even against all odds, she slowly and steadily resorted to secret spiritual practices - deep sadhana and yoga in seclusion. Her untiring practice transformed her into yogini of the highest order.


Laleshwari said Shiva is omnipresent, who does not distinguish between a Hindu and a Muslim. Her poems recount her spiritual experiences which are full of idioms and proverbs. Her cryptic, terse sayings still continue to enliven scholarly discussion and resolve social problems. She died in 1390.