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2/6/1939  The Big Sleep and Philip Marlowe                                             
On this day in 1939, Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep was published. Chandler         
was fifty-one, an ex-oil company executive who had taken up writing at the age         
of forty-five after being fired for alcohol-inspired absenteeism. This was his         
first novel, and the first of seven featuring the ever-inimitable and much-copied     
Philip Marlowe.                                                                       
10/24/1958  Philip Marlowe's Bad Idea                                                 
On this day in 1958 Raymond Chandler began his last novel, the never-completed (by     
him) Poodle Springs. This was Chandler's name for Palm Springs, where "every           
third elegant creature you see has at least one poodle," and where Philip             
Marlowe thought he might settle down with his new wife, the socialite Linda           
Loring. Chandler lost interest after a few chapters; Marlowe probably would have       
11/27/1953  Raymond Chandler's Long Goodbye                                           
On this day in 1953 Raymond Chandler's The Long Goodbye was published. Many say       
it is his best novel, and the biographers trace many connections to Chandler's         
personal life, despite being told not to: "Yes, I am exactly like the characters       
in my books.... I am thirty-eight years old and have been for the last twenty         
years. I do not regard myself as a dead shot, but I am a pretty dangerous man         
with a wet towel."