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Name: Vicente Fox Quesada                                                             
Born: 2 July 1942 Mexico City, Mexico                                                 
Vicente Fox Quesada (born July 2, 1942) was the President of Mexico from 2000 to     
2006. He is currently Co-President (with Pier Ferdinando Casini) of the Centrist     
Democratic International, an international organization of Christian Democratic       
political parties (which includes Mexico's National Action Party as a member).       
Fox was elected President of Mexico in the 2000 presidential election, a             
historically significant election that made him the first president elected from     
an opposition party since Álvaro Obregón in 1920. The 2000 election was also       
significant because it was the first presidential election since the end of the       
Mexican Revolution to be generally considered competitive and fair. He was           
elected with 42 percent of the vote, marking the first time that the then-dominant   
Institutional Revolutionary Party had lost a presidential election.                   
After serving as president of Mexico for six years, President Fox returned to         
his home state of Guanajuato, where he resides with his wife and family. Since       
leaving the presidency, Vicente Fox has been involved in public speaking and the     
construction of the Vicente Fox Center of Studies, Library and Museum.