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Name: Brian Douglas Wilson                                                       
Born: 20 June 1942 Hawthorne, California                                         
Brian Douglas Wilson (born June 20, 1942 in Hawthorne, California) is an         
American musician best known as the lead songwriter, bassist, and singer of the 
American pop band The Beach Boys. Wilson was also the band's main producer,     
composer, and arranger. The lead vocal parts for The Beach Boys recordings were 
primarily sung by either Wilson, his brother Carl, or Mike Love.                 
Early influences included The Four Freshmen and Chuck Berry, among others.       
Wilson admired Phil Spector, considering him both a mentor and rival.           
Wilson was a perfectionist in the studio, and often upset the other members of   
the Beach Boys with this incessant drive for perfection. Though one of the first 
users of an eight-channel multitrack tape recorder, he shunned stereophonic     
sound, preferring (as Spector did) to work in monaural — because he believed   
stereo gave an incomplete "sound picture" if the listener was not directly       
between the speakers, although this can also be partially attributed to Wilson   
being deaf in his right ear.