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Eddie Griffin began his career in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri when his cousin bet him $50 that he would not go on stage during a visit to a local comedy club called Sanford and Sons. After winning the bet, Griffin immediately purchased a one-way ticket to Los Angeles and his career has been taking off ever since. Although widely acclaimed as one of a new urban generation’s most gifted standup comics (often compared to having the impact of comics such as Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx and Lenny Bruce), Griffin has also been garnering success as an actor and musician, working in his talent for dance and physical action along the way. In addition to writing, producing and starring in DysFunKtional Family, Griffin also stars in, co-wrote and produces My Baby’s Mamma, a comedy about men facing fatherhood.


In 2002, Eddie co-starred opposite Denzel Washington in John Q; won critical acclaim as Antoine, the Gap-wearing, Friends-watching black man, in Undercover Brother and starred in the high school comedy The New Guy. Previously, he worked with director George Gallo in the mistaken-identity comedy Double Take, starring with Orlando Jones. His many other film credits include Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo, Picking Up the Pieces, Foolish, Armageddon, Meteor Man and Jason’s Lyric. In addition, producer David Permut has acquired the rights to the life story of legendary entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. and Eddie is set to star as Sammy. On television, Griffin was the star of UPN’s hit comedy series Malcolm & Eddie, for which he was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. He also wrote and directed four episodes of the sitcom, one of which starred his comedy mentor, Richard Pryor. Griffin has also been seen on the HBO specials Voodoo Child, the Cable Ace-nominated One Night Stand and Def Comedy Jam.


Griffin’s comedy album, The Message, features comedic and musical performances by Griffin as well as Master P, Silkk The Shocker, and Friend. Griffin recently held the first live comedy/R&B/hip-hop webcast, MLK 2K: We Still Have the Dream, during a Comedy Store performance. In the music world, Griffin has formed his own independent record label, Bluelight Records, and performs with his band, Eclectic Divinity.