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Name: Shelby Lynne Moorer                                                             
Born: 22 October 1968 Quantico, Virginia, United States                               
Shelby Lynne (born Shelby Lynne Moorer, October 22, 1968, Quantico, Virginia) is     
an American country music singer, songwriter and actress. She won a Grammy Award     
in 2001 for Best New Artist.                                                         
Shelby Lynne grew up in Jackson, Alabama. Her father was a local bandleader and       
her mother a harmony-singing teacher, and as children, she and her younger           
sister Allison Moorer later a country recording artist in her own right               
sometimes joined their parents on-stage to sing along. While the family was           
living in the small town of St. Stephens, Alabama, Lynne's father, an abusive         
alcoholic, shot and killed her mother and then himself when Lynne was 17.             
The sisters briefly lived with an aunt until Lynne turned 18, whereupon she           
married a friend from home. The marriage lasted only a year. Lynne began             
supporting herself and her sister by playing music in local clubs and eventually     
the two moved to Nashville. Lynne appeared on TNN's Nashville Now in 1987, and       
soon landed a recording contract with Epic Records.                                   
Lynne's first recording for Epic was a duet with George Jones, "If I Could           
Bottle This Up", which became a top-50 hit in 1988. Epic teamed Lynne with           
producer Billy Sherrill for her 1989 debut album Sunrise. The follow-up, 1990's       
Tough All Over, took more of a mainstream country direction, and 1991's Soft         
Talk found Lynne moving into slick country-pop.                                       
Lynne placed several songs on the country charts during this period, but none         
managed to break into the top 20. Critics generally regarded her as a promising       
talent, and she won the ACM's Top New Female Vocalist in 1990.                       
However, she was tiring of the lack of control she was afforded over her image       
and musical direction. She split from Epic and signed with the smaller Morgan         
Creek label, debuting with 1993's Temptation, an exercise in Bob Wills-style         
Western swing and big band jazz. The label folded not long after, and she moved       
on to Magnatone for 1995's Restless, which marked a return to contemporary-style     
country. Afterward, Lynne disappeared from recording for several years.               
Lynne moved to Palm Springs in 1998 and released the confessional and eclectic       
Rhythm and Blues album I Am Shelby Lynne in 1999 (released in US in 2000) to         
wide critical acclaim; on the strength of the album Lynne won a Grammy award for     
"Best New Artist", despite the fact that she had been recording and releasing         
records for more than ten years (which she referred to in her acceptance speech).     
Her 2001 follow up album, Love, Shelby featured a slicker, more pop-influenced       
sound. This album was a moderate commercial success but received mixed reviews.       
In 2003, Lynne released the critically-acclaimed Identity Crisis. Though not a       
commercial success, many magazines rated the album among the best of 2003. 2005's     
Suit Yourself has also been well received by critics. Lynne's most recent album       
Just a Little Lovin', released on January 29, 2008 is a tribute to singer             
Dusty Springfield, which has garnered favorable press as well.